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Ganz genau

The first work produced by the artist is her attempt to document what being surrounded by a foreign language feels like. The artist tries to simultaneously transcribe lectures, seminars, the news, the radio around her. The resulting block of seemingly coherent text consists of unfinished sentences strung together that dissolve into a cacaphony of meaning and meaninglessness. It mimics the feeling of having lost track of the sentence somewhere and needing to start over. The final work is a sound recording of the artist reading these texts aloud, inviting a german speaker to undergo the same feeling of overwhelming incomprehensibleness

Das Wetter für morgen am Tag viele Sonne regnet am Abend dann in Norden und Ostsee in der Nacht zwei Grad im Süden an der Alpen bis 17 Grad laufen freundlicher am Dienstag sonst Nebel auch wolkig mit diesem Themen wie Australien ich wünsche Ihnen ein schönen Abend

Audioaufnahmen, 13:21 Minuten, 2014