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The artist takes a page out of her mother’s book and plays a game they created to cure her childhood boredom — making new words using the given letters in a ridiculously long word. What long word is more ridiculous than the 63 letter German ‚Rind­fleisch­etikettierungs­überwachungs­aufgaben­übertragungs­gesetz‘. A word in legal parlance for the laws surrounding the supervision of the labelling of beef. Moreso a telling example of the almost infinite compounding of nouns possible in the german language.

Here the artist has fun with the game, generating over a 1000 words based on free association: Schnurrbart, Schnürsenkel, Schuhe, Schule, Schulferien, Ferien, Urlaub, Laub, Baum, Knolle, Knote. Recited in an earnest near-staccato by the artist, this monotonous 20 minute audioscape reiterates the seeming endlessness of the german language.

Additionally available is a signed Risograph print of the 1110 words at the Museum Weserburg, Edition of 100 + 10 AP

Bild von der Seite „Rind­fleisch­etikettierungs­überwachungs­aufgaben­übertragungs­gesetz“ (Foto: Ricardo Alves Ferreira Nunes)
Foto: Ricardo Nunes

Sound recording, 1110 words, 22:17 minutes

So wie wir sind 3.0 & 4.0, Weserburg, Bremen, 2021–2023, curated by Ingo Clauss & Janneke de Vries

Between the lines, She Said, Berlin, 2023, curated by Linda Peitz / CCCCCOMA